What is a PCMH?

Patient-Centered Medical Home

What is a PCMH? PCMH stands for Patient-Centered Medical Home. Patient-centered medical care involves a team approach for every staff member to assist our patients in getting the medical care they need, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care. While Associates in Family Medicine has always worked toward patient centered care, we are currently redesigning our practice to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the patient care we deliver while responding to each patient’s unique needs and preferences.

What does this mean for our patients? During each office visit, our staff will review the patient’s medical record to evaluate if tests, procedures or referrals are needed. Our patients will be receiving more contacts from our staff to encourage labwork or testing to monitor your chronic conditions. We have also created same day appointments with our providers regardless of the patient’s needs. This should translate into a healthier life for all of our patients. That is ultimately our goal – healthy, happy patients.