Tips for a Healthy Heart this February

Most of us know someone who has experienced a heart attack or stroke. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. February is heart health awareness month – time to start thinking about your heart health every day! Making changes in your everyday life can lead to a longer, healthier life for you and your family. Ask your provider at your next health exam about your heart health!

5 Daily Changes

  1. Take ownership! Have regular checkups and know your numbers (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar).
  2. Stop smoking!! Ask your AFM provider for help. We have great resources for you.
  3. Get active! Exercise at least 30min/day 5-6 days a week.
  4. Be mindful! Think about what you are eating and make smart choices with every bite.
  5. Rest your mind and relax! Put down the smartphone, turn off the tv, think, reflect, and BREATHE.

Knowing Your Risk Factors For Heart Disease

You are only born with one heart. Many things can influence your heart’s health. If your cholesterol is elevated, plaque can build up in your arteries, making you more susceptible to heart attacks and strokes. Smoking can also put your heart at risk, as can high blood pressure and obesity. Some families have higher risk for heart disease. A healthy heart requires a low fat diet high in healthy proteins, vegetables, fruits, as well as regular exercise. Discover exercise that you enjoy and make it part of your daily routine. Involve your family and friends. Making healthy choices and being aware of your general health can help the beat go on for years to come !